Modest Pricing Increase on Core Courses 

(effective for all courses or classes with a start date on or after June 1st 2024)

Due to the rising cost of goods, class materials, shipping, and instructor training fees we will be increasing our Core Courses cost for 2024 and going forward. We have not had a pricing increase on ANY of our Core courses for over 10 years (going back to previous management of Underwater World). 

This modest increase will only affect some of the Core Courses offered by us as listed below. There will be NO increase on any specialty courses or other services provided by us at this time. If a course or service is NOT listed below, that course or service will not be impacted by these pricing changes.

Some of the courses listed below will see a modest price increase by roughly $20, despite some course expenses exceeding this increase. We must remain competitive within the industry, and this increase allows us to do just that while not breaking the bank for our customers.

While we are listing our 'Standard Class' cost per participant for each Course affected, all Semi-Private and Private Classes will continue to be priced at at additional $50 and $100 per student respectively.


Course & Pricing Increase

New PriceOld PriceSRP
Bubble Maker Program$95$74$120
PADI Seal Team$110$90$169
PADI Master Seal Team$95$75$105
Discover ScubaNo Change$69$87
Scuba Diver Course$340$320$420
Open Water Diver Course$495$475$700
Adventure Diver Course$199$179$309
Advanced Open Water Diver Course$299$279$439
Rescue Diver CourseNo Change$345$399
Master Scuba DiverNo Change$75$99
Divemaster CourseNo Change$750$855